“The software is easy to use because of it’s intuitive menu layout and command options.

Subdivision lot layout and automatic annotation are exceptionally user friendly. We are able to complete projects on schedule and under budget. – Darrell C”

I was one of the first users of the software from 1992.  I have used the software for all aspects of my land surveying office work, from preparation of boundaries, plats and just about every other thing conceivable.  What has always impressed me about the software is that it was easy to learn and especially easy to operate on a daily basis.  It works the way I work.  – Lenny D

We used both Civilworks as well as Mapworks for many years in my role as a technician in a municipal design environment.  We used the software for pretty much everything we do here at the city.  What I like about it is the simplicity and especially, the willingness of the developer to augment the software.  – Steve H