Built on IntelliCAD

GeoMapworks Survey plugs into any IntelliCAD variant which replaces the need to purchase AutoCAD®. A license of ProgeCAD, the most popular IntelliCAD variant, is included within the GeoMapworks Suite along with Global Mapper GIS and all GeoMapworks modules.


  • Enter Traverse information “on the fly” or import traverse information from a text file.

  • Balance Traverses

  • Check Traverse Closure

  • Sliding Side and Hinged Side Traverse Area Adjustment

  • Legal Description Writer – Select any POLYLINE and a basic legal description is written to a text file


  • Point Import and Export from standard XYZ text files

  • Point Groups – Add and utilize Point Groups based upon queries using Point Series, Elevation Range, Description and Select Set.

  • Point Dictionary – Utilize our comprehensive Point Dictionary to classify imported points based upon descriptor. Automatically set points on specific layers with specific symbology. Also automatically connect points in series using BL and END for first and last points. Note that you can also use Lines by Nearest Neighbors by simply clicking on the first point. (See Lines by Nearest Neighbors)

  • Point Adjustments – we provide a full range of point editing tools including Adjusting

  • Points Number Range, Point Elevation Range and much more. Select a group of points to act on by using a Selection Set, Descriptor or a Series of Point numbers.


  • We provide a full host of Intersection Calculations based upon points


  • We include a full-features Curve Calculator

  • Draw Curves using curve parameters

  • Cut Curv at Intersecting Point

Draw Lines

  • Linear Regression – Through Points by Linear Regression

  • By Nearest Neighbor – draw a line through points by selecting the first point. The descriptor of the first point is then used to find and connect all other points with the same descriptor geographical order

  • By Point Order – draw a line based upon a collection of various point numbers

  • By Point Series – draw a line by entering the first and last point numbers of a series

  • By Pick/Number – draw a line using a combination of on-screen picks and selecting points by point number


  • Inverse Bearing/Distance

  • Measure Distance (of a collection of entities or from point to point)

  • Station/Offset of point to reference curvilinear baseline

  • Angle, Area, Curve Properties, Free Points, Used Points and much more…


  • Label a Drainage Basin by Section or picking a point within any closed POLYLINE

  • Label Area including optional area (lot) number as well as computed area in acres and square feet.

  • Label Bearing/Distance/Azimuth using various styles, based upon point to point or for all entities contained in a selection set of lines, arcs and polylines.

  • Label Curves using various combinations of curve information for ARCS and all curves contained within POLYLINES


  • Set symbols on points using a pick, point number set, point series or selection set of points.


  • Radial Stakeout

  • Side-Tie Stakeout

  • Tangent Table

  • Curve Table

  • Traverse Report

  • Point Listing

  • Lot Summary

  • Legal Description