Why Purchase GeoMapworks?

Now entering its fourth decade of development, GeoMapworks Civil/Survey can be utilized in conjunction with Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Civil 3D and ProgeCAD, a fully DWG compliant CAD engine (based upon IntelliCAD).

  • GeoMapworks Suite costs thousands of dollars less than its counterparts.

  • GeoMapworks Suite is dramatically easier to learn and use than its counterparts.

Here are a few of the features included within GeoMapworks:

    • Survey points including point groups, multiple methods of point entry, point editing and use of point attributes including point numbers, elevations and descriptors with other commands

    • Traverses including data entry using Notepad and Command Line data entry, traverse balancing and automatic labeling

    • Legal Description Writer – Supports curvilinear traverses and writes standard language to a document

    • Complete set of constructs and queries including Intersections, Queries, Reports,Sections

    • Symbol library including traditional survey as well as oil/gas symbology

    • Extract Cross Sections and Profiles from Plan View

    • Draw Cross Sections and Profiles in Profile view

    • Work in Profile units including Station/Elevation, Gradient (Run/Rise/Distance) and Slope (Rise/Run)

    •  Draw Pipes in Profile including hydraulic calculations

    • Draw Streets in Profile including Gradients and Vertical Curves

Why Purchase Global Mapper?

We highly recommend Global Mapper as an addition to GeoMapworks.  Global Mapper is a modern geographic information system which is superior to competing GIS products.  Here are a few of the features included within Global Mapper:

    • Geodetic Transformations allows automatic translation of LatLong to State Plane Coordinate upon import or simply to align up various file formats once imported.  Imaging importing LIDAR, Point Clouds, Survey Points, USGS Maps, Aerial Photography and more, regardless of their native geodetic basis.

    • Support for virtually every known spatial file format as well as direct access to common spatial databases, this remarkable application can read, write, and analyze virtually all spatial data, supporting more than 300 spatial data formats including LIDAR and Point Clouds

    • Offers a complete suite of data creation and editing tools

    • Provides cutting-edge 3D visualization and analysis capabilities

    • Import and Export to ProgeCAD

    • Contour Creation

      Any imported or processed elevation layer can be used to generate contours in vector format. Options include customized contour interval spacing and polygon feature generation for determining the area above or below a specified height. The contouring tool can also be used to identify local peaks and depressions in a terrain layer.

    • Cut and Fill Calculation

      This powerful tool is used to precisely calculate the volume of material that must be cut and/or filled to flatten the terrain at a specified elevation. Cut and fill calculation can be performed on area features or along a line to simulate the digging of a trench. An optional feature allows the calculation of the break even height within an area. This represents the elevation value at which the cut and fill volumes will be the same

    • Support LIDAR and Point Clouds

    • Supports Mapworks points and any other point file in the xyz format.

    • Break lines and Boundaries control the triangulation process.

    • Create a TIN (triangulated irregular network) for any set of points.

    • Contours may be created at user defined intervals.

    • Gridded meshes may be created.

    • Volume calculations are made using integration between two surfaces.

    • Create an unlimited number of surfaces.

    • Rendered surfaces creating dramatic displays