Built on IntelliCAD

GeoMapworks PROFILES plugs into any IntelliCAD variant which eliminates the need to purchase AutoCAD®. A license of ProgeCAD, the most popular IntelliCAD variant, is included within the GeoMapworks Suite along with Global Mapper GIS and all GeoMapworks modules.

Horizontal Alignments

  • Label Stations of Alignment

  • Extract Terrain based upon Alignment

Vertical Alignments

  • Draw Profile based upon extracted terrain from Alignment

  • Draw Gradients in Profile View using standard Gradient/Distance and Elevation/Station data entry

  • Draw Vertical Curves by simply clicking on two gradient lines and providing the length of vertical curve. Labeling is automatic including PVC, PVT, K Value and Minimum Elevation for SAG curves.

  • Draw Slopes in Profile View using Run/Rise (i.e. 4:1, etc), starting point at Top or Bottom and known Vertical or Horizontal Dimension

Storm Sewer Pipe Calculations

  • Capacity Flowing Full

  • Gradient Flowing Full

  • Partial Flow Depth

  • Culvert Size – Inlet Control

  • Culvert Size – Flowing Full


  • Elevation at Station

  • Slope and Gradient of Selected line in Profile View

  • Query Station/Elevation at any selected point within a Profile View

  • Running Station/Elevation Display based upon Mouse Movement within a Profile View

Save and Recall Profiles

Save and Select stored Profile Views (i.e. Pipe System A, B, C, Street A, B, C)


  • Draw any type of pipe system in Profile View including water, gravity flow wastewater, pressure pipe and gravity flow storm sewer pipes.  Pipes can be set to match crowns or flowlines, or pipes can start at random stations and elevations.

  • Automatic Pipe Labeling including Slope, Station/Elevation, Pipe Size Changes and more.

  • Symbology for Inlets, Manholes, Junctions and headwalls