Software Licensing

GeoMapworks and ProgeCAD Licensing

We do not believe in monthly or annual subscriptions. If you rent Civil 3D for ten years, you will have invested over $30,000 PER SEAT!  If you buy GeoMapWorks one time and then upgrade every three years or so, you’ll save over $20,000 per seat over ten years!

You can finally buy a DWG-compatible CAD program at an extremely affordable price which includes easy-to-use Survey and Engineering functionality.

Our licenses are perpetual and allow the customer to use the licensed software indefinitely. NO YEARLY FEES.

Feel Safe and absolutely Legal using GeoMapworks as an AutoCAD® Replacement.

You decide when to upgrade.

Global Mapper Licensing

Single Licenses: The Single Node-Locked License is written to a single computer only. A re-authorization is only allowed if software removal verification can be provided. Customer system upgrades require un-installation verification prior to the upgrade, so new licenses may be issued.

Note on Quantities: The number of Single User Node-Locked Licenses is limited to 10 per customer/organization. If you are considering more than 10 licenses, a network license will be more suited to your needs. To learn more about Network Licenses please click here.

You decide when to upgrade.

For the full Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper Licensing Policy, refer to:

What are Corporate Licenses?

Corporate licensing is the optimum solution for companies with numerous users of our products. Corporate One Site, Corporate Country and Corporate Global licenses allow to activate an unlimited number of copies on all computers under the company license proprietor name. The territorial limit is the sole restriction of usage and is based on the Corporate license type (One Site, Country, Global). Still, the company, proprietor of the license, may hold software copies installed on laptops belonging to the company to enable its employees to use the software remotely, out of the corporate office.

Corporate One Site license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in the premises of a business (a building or a group of buildings situated in the same location) with the exception of laptops belonging to the organization on which the software can be installed and used by employees even out of the corporate office.

Corporate Country license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in an organization with multiple premises situated within the same country.

Corporate Global license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in an organization which has multiple premises situated worldwide.

Please contact us for updated information regarding Corporate licensing for all products.