Global Mapper – Terrain Modeling

GeoMapworks takes advantage of Global Mapper’s Terrain Modeling Features.

Global Mapper includes several powerful terrain analysis tools that are used to process or model elevation data. These functions are included as part of the standard installation and require no additional extensions or plug-in components.

  • Contour Creation
    Any imported or processed elevation layer can be used to generate contours in vector format. Options include customized contour interval spacing and polygon feature generation for determining the area above or below a specified height. The contouring tool can also be used to identify local peaks and depressions in a terrain layer.
  • Cut and Fill Calculation
    This powerful tool is used to precisely calculate the volume of material that must be cut and/or filled to flatten the terrain at a specified elevation. Cut and fill calculation can be performed on area features or along a line to simulate the digging of a trench. An optional feature allows the calculation of the break even height within an area. This represents the elevation value at which the cut and fill volumes will be the same.
  • Watershed Delineation
    Based on the terrain morphology, the watershed calculation tool determines the likely linear path of streams and the drainage or catchment areas of those streams. This tool can also be used to conduct water drop analysis, in which the theoretical flow pattern from a defined source can be mapped.